About project

Tourism represents a sector with high potential for the development of Drobeta Turnu Severin city. Reasoning behind this statement is the existence of many touristic attractions with special historical valences, like in our case is the Water Castle. The Water Castle was built in 1910, when, at that time it supplied the city of Drobeta Turnu Severin with water. The tower was inaugurated in 1914 and until 1980 has fueled the city with water from the Danube when the basins were emptied and the tower building was used for offices and workshops of the company that administered the water supply at that time.

The Water Castle is placed in the center of the municipality and is a monument that belongs to the cultural patrimony, so every citizen of the Romanian community may benefit of its rehabilitation. The tourists that come to the city may be attracted because the Water Castle is a symbol for Drobeta Turnu Severin and it gives identity to the municipality, being considered the principal axe of the place. The tallest building in Drobeta Turnu Severin, it can offer tourists a panorama of the whole area and is nowadays opened for exhibition spaces, museum and recreation area that includes a café and a lookout point. Because of its importance in the community, a central location and outstanding architectural features, local community adopted the tower of water as the most important symbol of the city. After a century of life, through a European Union financed project, the Water Castle reborn from the ashes and the local community received new tasks that helped the city promote tourism through Info-center at a European level. Moreover, from 2012 Water Castle quenches a thirst for culture of the inhabitants by adapting, modernizing and transforming technological spaces into cultural spaces. Today, however, when the water distribution is provided to the capabilities required by another system, the Water Castle can get a new feature: a sui generis Eiffel Tower of the city.

“Modernization and preservation of Water Castle” was a project implemented in partnership by Drobeta Turnu Severin City Hall (Romania) and Negotin City Hall (Republic of Serbia), financed by the European Union through Romania - Republic of Serbia IPA Cross Border Cooperation Programme. The period of implementation was 15.12.2010-15.06.2012 and the value of the project was 955.681 euro, including VAT.

Through this project, we rehabilitated the building of the Water Castle and improved the quality of life for the communities of the border area. The restoration of the cultural patrimony, the creation and the modernization of the castle had the objective to increase the number of tourists.